Route 352 and U.S. 1

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to reduce crashes and congestion, improve access management and pedestrian accommodation, reduce existing facility deficiencies, and Improve roadway network operational efficiency along Baltimore Pike (SR 0001) at and around the interchange with SR 0352.

Project Needs

The primary project needs have been identified as follows:



In the project area, SR 0001 (Baltimore Pike, SR 0001 (Media Bypass), and SR 0352 (Middletown Road) experience crashes at rates higher than the statewide averages for similar roadway types. Angle/head-on and rear-end collisions accounted for 66°/o of all crashes on Baltimore Pike and SR 0352.



Recurring congestion is prevalent along SR 0001 and SR 0352 within the project limits. The SR 0001 and SR 0352 Interchange is a bottleneck for both roadways as most ramps are operating at or near capacity. Delays for 6 out of the B interchange movements function at an unacceptable LOS E or F (with delays exceeding 35 seconds/vehicle). Queue lengths along 4 of the B ramps exceed the available storage by as much as 434′, blocking other traffic and further increasing delays for both interchanges and through traffic on SR 0001 and SR 0352.



Multiple access points on the SR 0001 and SR 0352 Interchange ramps and along SR 0001·between the closely spaced interchanges with SR 0352 and with the Media Bypass create conflict points for motorists. Driveways are located in 3 out of the 4 interchange quadrants and East Old Baltimore Pike intersects the SE Quadrant ramp less than 50′ from the ramp terminal with SR 0001. The right-in/right-out-only access for Black Horse Lane and multiple commercial driveways along SR 0001 are located within the weaving zones for the Media Bypass ramps which are less than desirable in length.



The interchange and adjoining roadway network is comprised of numerous deficient facilities. The interchange geometrics do not meet current design standards and the existing SR 0352 Bridge has a Sufficiency Rating of 40 (poor condition). There are no speed change lanes for interchange ramps and the weave lengths between successive interchange ramps are insufficient based on current standards. Similarly, due to the significant traffic volumes throughout the project area, existing turning queue lengths exceed the available storage further exacerbating congestion and safety issues.



The existing pedestrian facilities are limited and non-contiguous within the project limits. The existing non-contiguous sidewalks do not connect the residential developments with the pedestrian destination points (mall, hospital, park, and school) located within the project limits.