Route 352 and U.S. 1

Route 352 and U.S. 1


Frequently Asked Questions

How are the needs of Middletown residents being considered in the project development process compared to the demands of traffic passing through the area?

Proposed roadway improvements will reduce local traffic congestion, improve safety, improve air quality, and reduce the incident response time for emergency responders. The proposed sidewalks will allow pedestrians to safely access the hospital, mall, park, and other commercial establishments.

Have the long-term impacts to traffic patterns due to COVID-19 as well as the SEPTA Wawa extension been considered in the design?

The various alternatives were developed utilizing traffic volumes and projections from conditions prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The projections took into consideration various developments and background traffic volume increases. We will continue to refine the traffic projections in consultation with DVRPC as traffic patterns normalize based upon employment and commuting changes pursuant to the pandemic.

Will traffic signals within the project limits be coordinated/interconnected?

Yes, the closely spaced traffic signals will be interconnected for coordinated operation along U.S. 1 and Route 352. Implementation of adaptive traffic signal operation will be investigated in consultation with Middletown Township.

What environmental mitigation (including addressing noise pollution) will be included as part of the project?

Environmental mitigation (such as sound barriers) will be considered as the impacts to various resources are determined during preliminary engineering and final design.

How will bicycle traffic be incorporated into the design of the interchange? Mixed use trails, bike lanes, etc.

Provisions for pedestrian and bicycle traffic are being coordinated with the Delaware County Planning Department and Middletown Township. Coordination efforts will continue during the Preliminary Engineering.

Can relocation options for Rose Tree Road be “mixed and matched” with the interchange options presented during virtual public open house?

Yes, the final Rose Tree Road realignment will be further coordinated with the impacted stakeholders.

How will access to the Blackhorse Lane/Penn Charter Drive neighborhood be maintained during construction?

During Preliminary Engineering and Final Design, construction staging schemes will be developed to maintain access to and from the Blackhorse Lane/Penn Charter Drive neighborhood. One option is to include construction of the Penn Charter Drive extension to Route 352 prior to construction impacts to the existing access point along Baltimore Pike.

How will residents of E. Old Baltimore Pike be accommodated during construction?

E. Old Baltimore Pike will be converted to a cul-de-sac with pedestrian access to Route 352.

Has a traffic signal been considered at the intersection of Route 352 and Van Leer Avenue along with moving the Promenade entrance in line with Van Leer Avenue?

During Preliminary Engineering it will be further analyzed and coordinated with the stakeholders. Consolidation of both closely spaced “T” intersections would be considered based on the stakeholder input and traffic operations analysis.

When the existing ramp behind the car dealership is removed, what will happen to the land in the existing right-of-way?

The existing ramp pavement and bridge carrying the ramp over Baltimore Pike will be removed. The area where the ramp is located may be repurposed to stormwater management.

Why is there no crosswalk at the eastern leg of U.S. 1 and Route 452?

The crosswalk across the eastern U.S. 1 approach to the Route 452 Intersection will be incorporated.

Have two SB lanes on Route 352 through Old Forge Road been considered? Experience has been that the road backs up more in the SB direction on Route 352 rather than the NB direction.

The lane configurations are based on the pre-pandemic traffic projections and analysis. Should further traffic analysis identify refinement of the lane configurations is appropriate, we will consider revisions accordingly.

Have sidewalks been considered along Route 352 from Penn Charter Drive through Old Forge Road?

Inclusion of sidewalk along Route 352 will be further coordinated with Middletown Township, Delaware County Planning Department and SEPTA during Preliminary Engineering.

How will access to Bonsall Drive be handled, specifically left turns from Bonsall Drive to NB Route 352? Bonsall Drive ingress and egress is an existing issue due to its proximity to the intersection and lack of traffic gaps.

The improvements to the Route 352 and Route 452 intersection and additional lanes along Route 352 will reduce the queueing of traffic that can block the Bonsall Drive intersection. A “DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION” sign and pavement markings at the Bonsall Drive intersection will be implemented. 

How will stormwater management be addressed?

During preliminary engineering and final design phases, stormwater management facilities will be sized and designed.

How will PennDOT address Right-of-Way impacts?

As the next phases of the design progress, Right-of-Way impacts will be further defined.  Once environmental studies have been completed and the final design gets underway, the project team will prepare plans for the acquisition of right-of-way and easements. See the Right-of-Way Acquisition Process link on the Resources page for more details.

Will there be more public meetings scheduled in future?

Yes, there will be additional public participation opportunities during the development of the project. Additionally, the project website will be updated as required throughout the project duration.

Will the project limits be extended further south along Route 352 and Route 452?

The project limits have been set based upon the purpose and needs identified for the project. The project limits are shown on the various plans. Presently we do not foresee extending the limits of the project further south along Routes 352 or 452.

Will noise barriers be included in this project?

The use of noise barriers will be evaluated during the Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Evaluation Phase. Additional public meeting(s) and special purpose meeting(s) will be held as the project progresses to discuss the possible use of noise barriers.