Route 352 and U.S. 1



Station 1 (Area 1) Interchange

Station 2 (Area 2)  452/1 Intersection

Station 3 (Area 3) 452/352 Intersection

Station 4 Traffic & Safety

Station 5 Environment

Next Steps

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  • An extensive study was performed to identify the natural and cultural resources within the project limits and immediate surrounding area.
  • The natural and cultural resources present within the study area include:
    • Streams/Watercourses
    • Wetlands
    • Threatened and Endangered Species
    • Two Historic Resources Eligible for the National Register – Williamson Trade School and the Smedley Property
    • Potential Archaeological Resource
    • One park – Smedley Park
  • An Environmental Constraints Map of the project area is shown below.  The map shows the results of studies performed to define the natural and cultural resources within the project limits.
  • The table below shows the order of magnitude for potential impacts to the identified resources and properties for each alternative.
  • This project will be developed under the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (or NEPA).  NEPA requires the evaluation and avoidance, minimization, or mitigation of potentially adverse impacts to the social and natural environmental resources when considering approval of proposed transportation projects.
  • In addition to evaluating the potential environmental effects, NEPA also considers the transportation needs of the public in reaching a decision that is in the best overall public interest.  The Federal Highway Administration NEPA project development process is an approach to transportation decision-making that balances the potential impacts on the human and natural environment and the public’s need for safe and efficient transportation. More information on the NEPA project delivery process and PennDOT’s Environmental Policy is available online.
  • During the next phase of the design, a detailed evaluation of each resource will be performed and documented in accordance with NEPA requirements.
  • Evaluation of highway traffic noise impacts to adjacent properties will be performed during final design based on the final roadway geometry for the selected alternative.